Follow The Leader - A Training Game To Demonstrate 'Learn To Follow To Be A Good Leader'

Follow The Leader - A leadership game or a training games showing the importance of following - a charactersistic of good leadership.

In this training game, the group of people are divided into pairs. One of the pair is assigned the letter A and the other is assigned the letter B.

Each pair is handed a pencil and a sheet of paper. The group is presented with a graphic like the one given below.

The aim of the training game is for both to hold the pencil and draw as per directions given by you. The directions to call out are:
1. A to lead.
2. B to lead.

Follow the leader - The Process: In this training game, when "A to lead" is called out A will direct the movement of the pencil while drawing the graphic on the paper. When "B to lead" is called out B will direct the movement of the pencil while drawing the graphic on the paper.

Follow the leader The Leadership Game or training game continues: When it is A's turn to lead, while B is still holding the pencil along with A, he will just follow the lead of A and not apply any pressure to the pencil which counters that of A. A will do the same when it is B's turn to lead. They can change the position of their fingers on the pencil as the directions are called out.

This way the pairs will complete the drawing and this training game. They can take time to plan the exercise after a few trials, when they learn each others' strengths.

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