Cell-phone Games - Learning Games Using SMS - Text Messages - To Learn Concepts, Spellings, Analytical Thinking etc.

Cell-phone Games are learning games that teachers, parents or students could use to get students to become proficient in spellings, identifying concepts, or to do some analytical thinking.

Cell-phones are so ubiquitious and so fascinating for children and teenagers, that it can be used by adults to get them to use it for learning.

Cell Phone Games

The learning games given below basically use the facility of the short messaging service or sms or texting to play them. They can be played among a group of friends or family in a network.

Cell-phone games: A sample learning game.

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Name of the learning game: Guess the word?

The sms/text inititating the learning game:

It begins with ...
It means ....

Whichever member of the group in the network solves it first, gets to initiate the next round.

Example 1. It begins with 'g', it is the name of a precious metal

Example 2. It begins with a P, it is used by women to carry personal objects.

Mobile Games: A second learning game sample

Name of the learning game: Analyse!

The sms/text inititating the learning game:

  • Head:Hail as Bead:_
  • or
  • 1, 4, 7, 10, ... guess the 10th number

Once again whoever wins begins the next round.

Cell-phone Games: A third learning game sample

Name of the Learning Game: Finish the word! (a four letter word gives you one point, five letter - 2 points and on it goes)

The sms/text initiating the learning game: should always contain at least three letters

Examples: Clu, bar, ste etc. Whoever completes the word with the maximum number of letters begins the next round.

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