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Do you want to know of trainings that are experiential-learning oriented? Are you looking around for trainings that incorporate plenty of activities, simulations, case studies, role plays? At the end of the day do these trainings still ensure great quality training i.e. do the learnings transfer to the work place?

Are you a newbie trainer who is looking for the principles of design so that you can create great training designs? Are you looking for customized training designs based on the principles of experiential learning?

Would you like to know your leadership profile? Would you like to know how to improve your leadership skills?

Are you a mom or dad or teacher who would like to get more information on different games (non-computer games) available for various kinds of learning?

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Services offered:

Also get a monthly e-zine 'Stories for EL' free for stories that you can use to emphasise experiential learning. Stories and their lessons are easily remembered.

They can also be used to communicate a concept effectively. They add the 'aha' or 'Eureka' or 'got it' factor to presentations and lectures. They are great tools to use in debriefs of games, to drive home a crucial point.

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