Time Management - A Game To Value Punctuality

Time Management :Here is a game to be used at break-times to encourage participants to come back on time. One of the problems during training is that participants do not come back on time to the session during breaks. As a result the sessions after breaks usually begin late and the facilitator looses precious time.

A very obvious way of handling this issue is to begin on time and let the others join in whenever they want to. The fallout of this 'matter-of-fact' kind of treatment is that the late ones miss out on concepts and slow the group down.

Time Management: Another way of handling this problem is to use a game to build accountability to the group. This game is played between groups. On the first day of training groups are formed that will compete with each other for points in this activity. The game is played as follows:

Time Management

Time Management game: A game to be played during break times. It is also called the Alphabet game

Name of the game: Make the word.

Materials for the game: Five to six cartons of the Alphabet paper cut outs. Three sets in each carton. A box of paper clips. Charts of random words. Name or number plaques for each group. Empty cartons to mount the plaques on - as many as there are groups.

Placement of materials: The five cartons with the Alphabet paper cut outs are kept in different parts of the room.
The box of clips is kept on a table in the front of the room.
The empty cartons are placed in a row on a table at the side of the room.
The charts - 2 or 3 - of random words are displayed on the walls of the room.

Time Management Game: Tell the participants (at the time they break for the first time) that they can win points by coming in five minutes early (if the half-hour break ends at 11.30 am, they can win some points if they come in five minutes early.)

When they come in they have five minutes to pick up one cut out from each of the cartons to make a word from the random words chart. (They cannot pick up all the letter cut outs from one box. They have to go to a different box for each letter cut out).

When they have made the word they clip it together and put it in the carton marked with the number or name of their group. More the number of people in a group playing the game, more words are completed, consequently more points the group gets. This game is played at every break during the day.

At the end of the day, the number of completed words in each box will fetch the group two points each. The highest scoring group is given a bonus of five points. After the points have been noted on a score card, the cut outs are unclipped and put back into the letter cartons - one letter in each carton.

This Time Management game is repeated everyday of the training. The new scores are added to the previous day's scores. On the last day of the training, at closing time the group with most points in this game is awarded The Most Punctual Group Award.

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