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It is a delight to read the testimonials of people who visit www.experiential-learning-games.com. They have delighted me with their feedback about the site, or its contents, or the EL e-zine.

It is always a pleasure to hear from them. They (Generally) say 'share your joys and they are multiplied'. I decided to share my joy about this with other visitors to my site. What better way is there of saying 'Thank you' to them?! So here they are:

Testimonials for my website

Hi Leena,
I love your new Look & Feel! I found your site a few weeks ago via the SBI forums. Just wanted to thank you for your blind-folded catch a chicken game. I used it this week with a team of senior managers on a course I ran and it worked brilliantly! I wish I had videoed it, 'cos then I'd send it to you!

Clare Jaques from www.pinkgrapefruit.co.uk

I really like your site and I would be interested in exchanging links with you…

Valerie Richey from www.autism-in-the-christian-home.com

I don't have a question, I just wanted to let you know that I think you did a wonderful job on this website. There are lots of creative ideas, and I like that you included the purpose for each of the activities as well. Keep up the good work!

Ash, USA

Testimonials for English Language Training / Workshops

!5th of July 2023

Training Relevance

Training Relevance

How relevant is the topic of this training to you?

June 2023

Training Relevance

Training Relevance

How relevant is the topic of this training to you?

May 2023

Training Relevance

Training Relevance

How relevant is the topic of this training to you?

Testimonials for EL e-zine

i like ur stories.. please keep me in list and dont delete my name..

Rupesh; mittal.rupesh@gmail.com

This is indeed is a wonderful game !!!

I have always admired whatever games that i have recived and we plan to use it for our programes.

Thanks and Regards,
Manasi Puntambekar; ManasiPuntambekar@praj.net

Thanks for sending the interesting Learning exercises.

With regards

Siddarth Biradar on 23/07/09 biradarsb@gmail.com

Dear Leena Kapoor
I am glad I subscribe to the EL e-zine. The story is apt and to the point. I like it.
Dr. Zeb Waturuocha

Hi Leena,
Thanks for story!
Assumpta Duffy

Dear Leena,
Great -enjoyed it. (Stories for EL; Issue 4)

Regards and thanks,


Hi Leena

Thank you so much for all your bright ideas. My friends love them too!


Testimonial for LEAD service

Good Day Leena,

My team members were extremely happy about receiving their LEAD survey results. We decided to meet together to review the individual results and revise our individual action plans on what we each wanted to continue to do, stop doing and start doing as leaders. The self assessment has helped our leaders to understand the consequences when their leadership style does not match the readiness level of the follower. We have also developed a series of lunch-n-learn sessions where we can support each other with "real life work situations" in order to develop our ability to more accurately diagnose the followers readiness thus improving our ability to influence as leaders. Without the LEAD self assessment I do not think we could have had the true buy-in and understanding from the leaders into the Situational Model for leading others; it provided just the right amount of feedback to help us begin to implement positive changes in our leaders. It was clear, accurate and easy to understand.

Thank you for providing such a valuable service in such a timely manner !
Michelle Bollinger on 30th June 2009
Director, HR Development

Testimonials for Training the Trainer Course

This is to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for designing such wonderful modules for us. The modules that you designed on Personal Effectiveness, Leadership, Learning Styles, Techniques for teaching English, Multiple Intelligence, Vision Building, Motivation, Communication, CCE, Life Skills etc have gone a long way in creating a great impact with teachers and Management. The feedback has been amazing in all the schools (pan India) wherever these sessions were conducted. The sessions not only gave deep insights, hands on experience but were also very effective in implementing and seeing them create magic in the classrooms. I would also like to tell you that the Rs 5,000 that I paid for each module was worth every rupee. It has brought my company a lot of accolades, credibility and business!
Thanks once again and all the best.
Pooja Sehgal (Inner Skills)

I would like to thank you for all the wonderful input you provided me to improve training in the field of English Communication. The easy to use methodology has helped me immensely in designing my training and also achieve training goals with minimum efforts. All the instructional design related material has come very handy for me and I believe that I have discovered tremendous scope for improvement in my style of preparing lessons and using them in the classroom. I would love to get many more such training from you in future.
Narendra Multani
KM Academy of Professional Development
Empowering People

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