Energizers, fun games and activities that provide necessary relief in-between your training sessions.

Energizers are training games that trainers play to:

  •   Make easy transitions between training sessions.
  •   Relieve stress caused by heavy input or debrief sessions.
  •   Keep participants awake: in sessions after lunch, in late afternoon sessions and during heavy input sessions. 
  •   Loosen stiff limbs after sitting through marathon content sessions. 

Refer to the Training Games page for some basic rules on facilitation.

Let's now look at the first of the games on this page.

Energizer 1: Covering the chair

  1. All the participants have to have their hands free to enjoy the game. 
  2. The participants are made to sit in one big circle. A volunteer is chosen from the participant to come and stand in the middle of the circle. 
  3. The task for the group is to not to let the volunteer find a seat. As the volunteer runs to occupy the empty chair, the others have to immediately cover it ….

4. The volunteer soon figures out that she can fool the participants and run in the other direction to find another empty seat…. To allow for this situation place a couple of empty chairs strategically around the circle.

5. Soon the strategy works amidst loads of laughter. The frantic chase to cover the empty chair is a hilarious experience for both the volunteer and the rest of the participants. Once the volunteer finds a seat, others can volunteer to play the game. Keep this going for 3-5 minutes.

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Let's look at the second of the energizers energizers.

Energizer 2: Keep the ball up.:

1. Material for the game: A volley ball or a throw ball, or a good sized ball.

2. Timing: Play this game just before lunch break after a heavy content session. It will provide the necessary impetus to 'win' and regenerate a 'we' feeling.

3. Space: You'll need to be in a high ceiling room in about 500 sq. ft. of space, if you are playing indoors. Outdoors suits this game excellently.

4. Instructions: will be something to the effect of: "Let's all come together in a closely knit group. I'll hand this ball to one of you.

"The aim is: once you throw the ball in the air the group has to collaborate to keep the ball in the air for a 100 throws. You are expected to count the throws and as soon as you reach 100 you 'win' lunch.

If the ball is allowed to drop on the ground before you reach hundred, then the game should be started anew beginning the count from 1."

5. Usually the group drops the ball quite often in the first few trials. Then they start to strategize. The ball is bounced up in the air just enough to allow the novice to be able to push it back rather than allow it to drop out of fear of getting hurt.

6. The group soon discovers a few experts who are able to control the bouncing and keep the ball in the air. As soon as the ball strays, the group directs it back to the experts.

7. You'll also find some experts who are also leaders and who bounce the ball towards as many of the group as possible so that they will also be involved.

8. Eventually, within a few minutes, the group does manage to keep the ball up for 100 continuous counts.

9. Note: The 'win the lunch' clause is just to be able to provide the group motivation to be determined to complete the game. Please do not hold them back from lunch, if they cannot complete the game within fifteen minutes, which hardly ever occurs.

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