Leadership Stories - Training Games For Learning Leadership From Stories

Leadership Stories are stories that we heard as children. I am using them here to undersatnd the characteristics of good leadership.

Leadership stories instead of training games. Stories have always been used to learn. Remember the time when we heard stories from Mom and Dad? They always made sure that every story was followed by a 'moral of the story'.

And so it was. Every story did have something that I learn't from, which has stayed with me through life. Like the one which says 'Slow And Steady Wins The Race' or 'Make Hay While The Sun Shines' or 'A Stitch In Time Saves Nine' etc.

The use of stories as training games for learning in my profession as a trainer came to me quite by chance. Once my boss asked me to design a training session for a piece of content which usually turned out to be top heavy. I was told to use stories, activities and slides.

Well, that was the beginning of my journey as training designer. I have never looked back since. I have used stories, anecdotes, games, activities, role-plays, inventories, tools etc, to design training sessions which are training game based.

The idea was to keep the topic of the training real using stories instead of training games. This way the participants did not have to wait till they got back to work to test the theory.

Leadership Stories were a very effective way of catching the attention of the participants and leading them towards the meat of the session.

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They can also be used to communicate a concept effectively. They add the 'aha' or 'Eureka' or 'got it' factor to presentations and lectures. They are great tools to use in debriefs of training games and learning games, to drive home a crucial point.

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