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DIY Projects, I discovered are another great way to learn and have fun.

I was asked to conduct a teachers' workshop on Scientific Approach at a school for a group of 20 teachers. As I started to toy around with the idea and browsing the Internet, I came across some videos on bread-making with commercial yeast. That was my first DIY project.

It was a failure. I did not prove the yeast correctly. The sticky dough had me worried and I added more flour to the dough to 'set it right'. Ultimately what came out of the oven was too salty and rock-hard.

The concept of bread-making however, was too exciting to let the failure dissuade me. As I explored the Internet further, I discovered videos of baking bread without commercial yeast. The concept of the sourdough starter to bake artisan bread was very fascinating. That became my second DIY.

sourdough starter

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  1. Sourdough Starter - Would you like to get your own sourdough starter? Write to me here
  2. Portable Wood-fired Oven
  3. Sourdough bread
  4. Clay Oven

As I continued to explore the WWW, I discovered another interesting DIY - making a wood-fired oven. The possibilities were several. I could either make one of the many variations of clay-ovens or a portable one.

I decided to test out the portable one. I thought - 'if this works well, then my next DIY would be a clay one.' It was exciting to set out on this DIY. Here are some pictures of my dry-fit portable oven.

The inspiration for this came from Stu Silverstein's book and fantastic, inspiring and information packed blog - Breadhunter's Blog

Dry Fit Portable Oven

The picture above shows a dry-fit oven. It has no mortar. It was stabilized by angle and T-irons. Below the fire-brick layer is a layer of insulating bricks and below that is a layer of normal red-bricks.

In front of the oven opening is an iron pan to keep the oven warm and collect the hot coals. The rod leaning against the angle iron is a blow pipe and a stoker.

I baked some really

delicious cheese and tomato pizzas in this dry-fit oven.

My next DIY is a clay oven and then to bake a sourdough bread in it. Will let you know what happens.

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