Facilitative Leadership - A Training Game Showing Benefits of This Leadership Style

Facilitative Leadership - Make a Straw Structure, a training game. This training game helps to understand the benefits of this style over other styles of leadership.

The first step in this traning game is to divide the group (a group of around 20) into three small groups. Give each group a bunch of around 50 plastic straws (the kind that you use to drink) and a packet of pins (ball pins). The task is for them to build a strong, stable and tall structure within 15 minutes.

Tell one group that they do not have a leader and yet they are expected to complete the task as per rules

Tell the second group that they have to choose a leader whose directions they will follow.

Tell the third group to choose a leader too, but whose task is to facilitate the building of the straw structure.

After 15 minutes the group stops the task in this training game.

A debrief of this training game is carried out to understand each group's experience on the following criteria:

  • Efficient completion of task
  • Comfort level in the group process with respect to leadership behaviour
  • Comfort level in the group process with respect to team functioning

The conclusions of the debrief will point to the success of facilitative leadership group. This might sound presumptious of me, but try using the game and see if you come up with the same conclusions.

Hope you find this training game useful.

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