Working in stressful situation

by pushpam


My team is currently working in very stressful situation. I wanted to arrange a game for them that helps them understand how to manage themselves better when they are working in stressful situatuions


Teach the following game to your team. Have them move chairs and tables to the corners of the room and create room for this game.

Let one of them volunteer to be the leader. As the leader, her role is to call out action statements, such as, "walk on your toes." / "walk on your heels" / "Stand in your place and stretch out to the sky as much as possible".

As the leader calls out these statements, the rest of the group performs that action for a few seconds or for a minute. Have the team do this for five to seven minutes and they will have managed their stress.

Also on the following page you will find another stress buster called 'Simon Says', which involves fun as well as some physical movement:

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