Training of trainers

by Ridu Ranjit

Question: Is it possible for you to provide a two-day detailed training of trainers online course?

Answer: Yes, of course it is possible to do so. Only it would be a paid service and with several modules. In fact each module would be a separate paid course.

The course will involve a certain set of readings to do, activities to conduct, results of these activities should either be submitted or videos of them in process should be submitted.

A sample of such a video is embedded below

At the end of a satisfactory submission of course requisites, a certificate would be awarded for satisfactory completion.

You could complete the readings and related activities in a two-day time period. You will then obtain a certificate mentioning these completion levels.

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Jul 12, 2012
Training of Trainers Course
by: Leena Kapoor

Training of trainers
Life Skills
19th - 21st July 2012; 9 am to 4 pm
Venue: New Delhi

Experiential Learning Centre is announcing (on demand) a training of trainers course on Life skills. This course enables trainees to offer in their schools or for their clients trainings in eleven life skills. The trainees will be equipped with content, session designs, skills to execute the experiential methodology of training, Power point presentations, relevant videos and Life-Skills assessment tools.

Equipped with these skills and materials, the trainees will be able to deliver 4 hour trainings in each of the Eleven Life Skills.

Advantages of this TOT course
• Recognition as trainers and facilitators par excellence
• Build a career as a trainer in the growing industry of Human Resource Development
• Ability to offer quality trainings to 1000+ schools in Delhi
• Ability to train life-skill core teams in own schools, if already employed as teachers
The details are as follows:

Topics - Eleven Life Skills: Self-awareness, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Stress Management, Emotional Awareness and Intelligence, Financial Intelligence

Methodology: Experiential methods will be used through small group work, role plays, simulations. Practice sessions will be held for the participants to design and present sessions. The training session will be followed by telephonic support/coaching for at least two hours per week.

Number of Participants: As the sessions will be practice intensive, the number of participants has been restricted to six.

Materials Provided: The participants will be provided with content, session designs, experiential methodology of training, Power point presentations, relevant videos and Life-Skills assessment tools for each of the eleven Life Skills. These materials will be provided on pen drives. The participants are expected to bring their laptops with them in order to access these materials during training and during practice sessions.

Registration and fees: The course fee is Rs. 15,000/- per participant. As there are limited seats in the course, first preference will be given to those who register themselves by paying Rs.5000/- in advance. The remaining amount of Rs. 10,000/- can be paid on the first day, which is the 19th of July at the venue of the training. The cheques should be in favor of: Leena Kapoor

Jun 25, 2012
Contact form
by: Anonymous


Please use the contact us form on page

I will send you more information on how to go about taking the training the trainers course.

Jun 25, 2012
What is the first step?
by: Anonymous

Thank you for responding. What should I do to enroll in this course?

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