by Ron Wilson
(Holliday High School Holliday Tx USA)

One person is the trainer and the other is the trainee.

The trainer comes up with a task for the trainee to complete with the only signal to be a nonverbal sound of a buzzer, bell or clicker.

The trainee enters the room after the trainer and group decide a task and the trainee walks around the room waiting for some feedback with the buzzer or whatever to know that they are doing something correct.

Example: Trainee enters, walks about the room when they are near a computer they hear the buzz.

They stop, turn away from the keyboard (no buzz), Toward the keyboard(buzz),
Touch the keyboard (buzz)
Presses the Spacebar(buzz)
Turns on screen (buzz)
Clicks on word processor (no buzz)
Clicks on net browser (buzz)
Clicks on favorites (buzz)
Clicks on (no buzz)
Clicks on online game site (buzz)
Task accomplished.

Then they become the Trainer and a new Trainee is choosen.

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May 20, 2015
great game
by: Tucker

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Oct 23, 2009
Create a Star
by: Leena

After I long time I read this game again today.

I had played something similar with a group of corporate executives a month ago. I added a precursor to the part described in this game.

In the precursor there is a buzz everytime the trainee makes a wrong move - which is most of the time. It paralyses the trainee and s/he becomes totally frustrated about accomplishing the task.

Follow this up with the game described by Ron, and the contrast is striking. The 'unknown' task is accomplished within seconds rather than minutes.

I tell you it is a powerful game to demonstrate the value of positive feedback. Check the basis of this whole experience described on this page:

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