self discovery

by beat bisangwa
(kampala, uganda)

I need games and exercises to use when training on self discovery. I don't want to lecture but to use experiential methods. Please advise. Thank you.

There are several games on this website that can be used for self-discovery.

The following links will take you to them:

1. Open the fist on page

2. The Most Influential Experience on page

3. Blindfold on page

4. Balloon Game: This game is used to help participants reflect on their destructuve behaviour even when there is no provocation.

In this game each participant is given a balloon, and some string. They are asked to blow the balloon up and tie the mouth of the balloon with the string.

Then they are asked to form a largish circle around a chair on which is placed an open box of pins. The participants are then told that the balloons represent them and that they have to protect themselves.

Turn on some music and ask them to keep moving with the music. Increase the pace of music progressively and ask them to keep pace with the music. Remind them that they have to protect themselves.

Sooner than later they will start to pick up pins and prick the balloons of others.

There will be plenty of laughter and running helter skelter to protect their balloons and to prick others'. At the end of say 5 to 7 minutes only a couple of them would have succeeded in keeping their balloons intact.

In the debrief get the participants to reflect on the presumption thye made that to protect themselves they had to burst somebody else's balloon. This is indicative of people's attitude about promoting themselves - which they believe has to be done by putting down others.

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Sep 03, 2015
Thank you for sharing
by: Teh

I am going to use this for a group of teenagers. I would add something at the debrief:
Everyone is uniquely special, so we don't need to put down others to feel good about ourself, and we don't need to compare ourself with others.

Aug 19, 2015
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by: David M. Grooms

All the links gave way to wonderful games which we never see nor played. They gave an different feeling of learning than playing. Most of them were like we are experimenting and waiting for the results. We liked the links very much.

Feb 25, 2011
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the appreciation. Hardly anybody responds back once their questions have been answered. So I am all the more delighted to have heard from you.

I cannot think of a story right now, but will write back on this page as soon as possible.

Feb 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you sooo much for your quick response! It makes sense. Why do people feel that they have to be in competition and that they have to put people down or be against others so that they feel good about themselves? They are already unique as everyone else is.

Self discovery allows one to be secure in oneself. This sense sense of inner security allows one to grow to the highest point he can, taking others with himself, without being threatened.

The opposite is true of a person with an identity crisis.

Any story one can use to illustrate these facts?

Thank you so much again.

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