Question Game

by Jyoti Jain
(New Jersey, USA)

The game demonstrates the importance of good questions and how important it is to have a repertoire of them for a professional.

This game helps you to frame questions, because it's difficult to frame a question.

Through this game you learn to frame a question, think forward, think logically and be spontaneous

The game can be played with live subjects.

The game doesn't require any material.

In a grp of 5-6 people, it usually takes 5-10 minutes to finish this game, depending on their speed of questioning.

Number of Players: The more the merrier....

The Game:

Make all the players sit / stand in a circle.

Any one person starts the game by pointing at someone and asking a question.

(However, in some cultures pointing fingers at people is considered rude. So in such cases, you can use a soft ball or a cushion instead of pointing. Essentially, you ask the question while you pass the cushion/ball to the person to whom you intend to ask the question.)

The question can be anything. For instance: How are you? or Where do you stay? or What is your name? etc....

The person to whom the participant is pointing to is not supposed to answer the question. But rather she/he has to point immediately to someone else and ask another question to him/her like: Where were you born? Do you know her? Is that a TV? etc

You can not ask the same question to someone else
and you can not ask any question to the person who is pointing at you.

It has to be a different person and a very different question altogether.

...and the game continues.

If anybody pauses or answers back or asks the question again or asks the same person or asks the same or related question to someone else, that person is out of the game.

Finally there will only be two people remaining in the game.

The game should be played at a rapid pace.
You can't take time to frame the question. It should be spontaneous.

Its fun to see what people can ask
and its really difficult to ask questions.
By the time you figure out that you will ask a certain question, someone might have already asked that, so you can't repeat it.

Its fun!!!!!!!!

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Mar 17, 2008
Kudos Jyoti!
by: Leena Kapoor

An excellent game to learn spontaneous questioning! I especially like the aspect of spontaneity and the game's rapid pace.

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