Money Game

by Leena

This is a game that needs to be played in pairs. The group is divided into pairs. Each member of the pair is assigned a name - A and B or blue and green etc. Say they are assigned blue and green.

The pairs are told to stand facing each other. The blues are asked to hold up a currency bill, so that one side faces them and the other side faces the greens.

The task is for the greens to identify all the symbols on the side of the bill which is facing the blue.

Hardly anybody is able to identify all the features.

In the debrief the facilitator highlights the propensity of people to overlook obvious features, which is true not just with objects as valuable as money, but also with people. Very often we ignore and take for granted, the assets that people bring to the workplace. When we do not value people (who are the greatest assets in an organisation) we are not able to achieve our best as teams.

The game should not take more than 10 minutes and it does not require any materials other than currency bills which are usually available with everybody.

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