Introductions Icebreaker: Training Game To Get to Know Your Fellow Participants

Introductions Icebreaker is called Interesting Introductions.

Preparation: Make out slips with common nouns like: chair, lion, peacock, knife, telephone etc. There should be one slip for each member of the group. Fold this slips and put them in a bowl.

Process of this training game: Invite the group to stand in a circle. Hold the bowl of folded slips to the participants and ask them to pick up one each. Tell them not to read what's in the slip until further instructions.

Introductions Icebreaker - The training game: Once each of them has picked a slip, allow them to open it and see what's written on it. They are not to speak it out aloud.

Interesting Introductions

Their task is to introduce themselves by name and find similarities between themselves and the common noun written on the slip of paper. They have to reveal these similarities with the rest of the group.

For instance, in this training game, if someone is called 'Jay Lord' and has picked the slip with 'knife' written on it, his introduction will be: 'I am Jay Lord. I am like a knife because I am sharp and I can cut through loads of information to find the pattern hidden it it.'

This training game is played until everyone has introduced herself in this manner. The idea is for the participant to find an attribute in the common noun which highlights a positive characteristic in himself/herself. Negative characteristics are unacceptable.

The training game should take half-an-hour to play with a group of 35-40.

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