I need some training games

by Sally Anne Downes
(New Zealand)

I need some training games, aids for the following:

non verbal communication
giving feedback


1. Acronym

By acronyms, I suppose you mean you need a training game to help people learn Acronyms. Well here's one.

Let's work with an example say, MBA. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. If you are working with a number of people simultaneously, you can form groups of 3 to 5 people.

Give each group one acronym or a number of them to work on. The group also needs to know the expansion of the acronym. Their task is to draw a picture, describe a physical sensation and an emotion associated with that picture for each part of the acronym.

For instance, in the case of MBA, the picture, physical sensation and emotion that one can associate with M are: a graduation cap, the sensation of the cap sitting on your head and finally the emotion of pride associated with the event of graduation.

For the letter B in MBA, the picture could be a 'business handshake', the sensation of touch associated with a successful busness deal being struck and the emotion of anticipation that accompanies a successfully completed busisness deal

For the letter A in MBA, the picture could be of a well kept office, the sensation of filing with effeciency and accompanied by the emotion of pride associated with a well administered office.

This way they have to work with all the acronyms assigned to the group. At the end of the task, all the groups present their work to the rest of the groups. This way a class can effeciently come up with memory aids for several acronyms

2. Non-verbal Communication:

For non-verbal communication check out this page: http://www.experiential-learning-games.com/communicationgames.html
You can use both the games on this page for non-verbal communication.

3. Giving Feedback:

For 'giving feedback' check out this page: http://www.experiential-learning-games.com/feedbackgames.html
This game acts as an analogy of giving feedback. The game can be used to make the following points:

Good feedback is solicited (unless it is coming to you from your supervisor),descriptive (not judgmental), instant, aimed at providing information which shows desirable behaviour.

Hope these games work for you. Let me know how you get on through the comments link given below.

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