How to become an effective communication coach?

by Kunti Dsouza

How to become an effective communication coach?


Becoming an effective communication coach requires you to know two things:

1. Aspects of effective communication
2. The coaching technique

Lets deal with each of them in turn.

1. Aspects of effective communication are: clarity of the message, managing barriers (physical and emotional), providing opportunity for feedback and finally deliver the corrected communication.

2. The coaching technique presumes a belief system that people want to grow and they are willing to reflect on their practices to identify strengths and areas of potential.

Having said that, the technique involves:

1. the demonstration by the coached of his/her performance in effective communication (in this case)

2. followed by a session in which the coach identifies the strengths of the coached and

3. facilitates the reflection by the coached on his/her own problematic areas.

Hope this has helped. Use it and let me know how you get on through the comments link below.

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