Goal setting games: A training game to encourage people to set challenging but achievable goals.

Goal setting games are a variety of training games

that trainers play to help participants experience goal setting in a concrete way.

The learnings from these training games are:

  • Setting achievable but challenging goals
  • Risk taking
  • Performance assessment vis-a-vis risk taking
  • Resetting goals to achieve higher goals
  • Goal setting in teams involves listening, experimenting and strategizing.

Here's the first of the training games:

Ringing the Peg

Material you will need:

1. A six-inch peg on a wooden base

2. Three rubber rings

3. A piece of chalk

The game:

4. This is a game to be played by individuals.

5. Play this in an open space of about 200 sqft. area

6. Keep the peg in the centre.

7. Draw three lines in front of the peg at a distance of 2 feet, 4 feet and six feet from the peg.

8. Hold the rubber rings yourself and give them to the players as they take their turns to ring the peg.

9. As they step - up to play, give them the option of choosing the distance from which to ring the peg.

10. Each player gets three trials for each level of risk (level1 - 2 ft, level2 - 4ft, and level3 - 6ft).

11. In one turn players can choose only one level of risk.

12. On your score sheet against each person's name record their performance under the level chosen.

13. You'll find adventurous players choosing the level3 and safe palyers beginning with level1 and then graduating Levels 2&3.

14. Some adventurous ones decide to lower the level of risk to 2 in the second round because they could not perform at level3.

15. A little more adventurous ones volunteer to draw a fourth level of risk at 8ft for their second round.

16. Debrief this goal setting game to help participants to reflect on their own goal setting and risk taking behavior. Derive the learnings that are mentioned above.

Goal Setting games 2: Lift the stick.

1. Material needed: a 5-meter long and two centimeter thick bamboo cane/stick.

2. This is a game to be played with a team of 8 to 10 people.

3. The aim of the game is for the team of people to lift the stick together on their forefingers until it reaches shoulder level. The challenge is to keep the fingers in contact with the stick all the way up.

4. Due to a scientific principle the stick arches upwards in the centre and it appears as though the stick is floating rather than being lifted.

5. The team is expected to overcome this action of the stick.

6. In the process of this goal setting game/training game the team experiences goal setting, team problem solving, strategizing and team functioning.

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