Goal-setting Game: A Training Game To Learn To Set Your Goals And Achieve Them

Goal-setting game uses random words to set your personal goals. This is a training game.

To help you set goals, you can play this training game with yourself. Select a random word from this site.

Next step is to associate the word with your problem of goal setting and explore the possibilities of goals. (See the example below.) Identify those goals which you know are for you and paste these goals up where you can see them everyday.

Goal-setting GameExample of how to play this training game:

I used the link above and got the random word 'contract'.

Contracts are made with people or companies to deliver a service or a product within a stipulated period of time for a previously set cost. The contract to pay for the service or product is treated as null and void if any of the conditions of delivery of the product or service is not adhered to.

Use this concept to make a contract with yourself to reach the next level of growth in your organisation within the next year. Draw up this contract and set it where you can see it everyday and remind yourself of the task you have set for yourself.

Simple training game isn't it? Try it!

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