ELL Specialist

by Chrystal
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

We were given the task to give a two minute speech in front of the group of people we did not know. We were asked to bring something of personal value to talk about.

The facilitator give her speech first. What was interesting though, is that two people sat on chairs behind her and off to either side of her. When she was finished speaking, one of the people who was sitting behind her would take their turn.

The person whose turn it was to speak was not allowed to begin until the seat he had just vacated was filled by someone in the circle.

There was also a time-keeper. When the person had spoken for 1 1/2 minutes, the time-keeper held up her hand to let the speaker know that they had only 30 seconds left.

By speaking about something personal, we were focused on an item instead of ourselves. If someone forgot to bring something, it was still okay. They just thought about something that was personal to them and talked about it.

Oh yes, we were expected to introduce ourselves as well.

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