Difference between Experiential Learning and Active Learning?


I want to know the difference between Experiential Learning and Active Learning.


Experiential Learning is the theory (Kolb & Fry) which propounds that learning to be internalised has to be experienced - concretely and actively and not just abstractly and reflectively.

The teacher therefore has the responsibility of providing experiences that will make learning (receiving and processing information) not just visual/auditory, but also kinesthetic.

The theory assumes that these experiences will result in the learner experiencing learning concretely, abstractly, reflectively and actively.

Active Learning is the belief that learners should take responsibility for their own learning. Activities are used during the instructional process to keep learner active/busy with the learning process. The learner is responsible for level/degree to which the information is processed.

The teacher therefore ensures activities like, 'working in pairs', 'discuss materials while role-playing', 'co-operative learning' 'produce short written exercises' are part of the instructional process.

While the assumption is seemingly exciting, the teacher is not responsible for the level of processing of a learner. In case of new learning or limited ability of a learner in a certain subject, the learner cannot be expected to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

I hope the above answers your question satisfactorily

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Apr 19, 2018
Response to the Apr 16, 2018 comment
by: Leena Kapoor

Your comment:
"Internaised? Do you mean internalized? I can find no meaning or root for internaised. Please proof read."

Thank you for the feedback. Quality thrives on feedback. I am going to correct it almost immediately.
What I find strange is that you went looking for the existence of the word 'internalized', and its meaning. You should have known that there's no such word. Of course it's a mistake, - a slip of the finger and the eye in this case.

Apr 16, 2018
What is internaised?
by: Anonymous

Internaised? Do you mean internalized? I can find no meaning or root for internaised. Please proof read.

Jun 23, 2016
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Jul 20, 2015
by: Tony

Really informative! I have read this post and I found it informative and useful to know more about experimental (means to say experiential) and active learning. Mainly I could understand the difference between both of them.

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