Decision Making - A Leadership Activity To Understand Kinds of Decisions

Decision Making - An activity or a training game to understand the kinds of decisions that a leader is involved in making.

Training games: In this activity divide the large group into smaller groups of 5-7 people. Assign each group the name of one of the decisions that is, Paradigm, the next Policy, the third Functional and the fourth Structured.

To understand decision-making read this.

If there are more than four groups, the same names are used, for the others too. So it is possible that there will be more than one group working on a couple of the decision types.

Give each group five minutes to come up with at least five if not more decisions belonging to the type that they have been named after. After they have finished, the small groups will present their list to the large group. (This is an example of training games in the area of decision making.)

In this training game, while the large group can ask clarification questions, they cannot negate the entries in the presentation. The facilitator however can facilitate the group to analyse any ambiguous entries and help the group to correct them.

For an understanding of how to conduct group work of the kind mentioned above go to Group Norms

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