Coaching Games - To Learn the Significance and The Method of Coaching

Coaching Games are described on this page. They will illustrate the significance of coaching in Human Resource Development and the method of coaching.

First and Foremost let's understand the term 'coaching'.

The concept of coaching comes from the sports arena. You've heard of coaches who work with champions to make them better and better.

'Champion' and 'becoming better' are key to coaching. Coaching a person who is not a champion already or does not believe he is one is an uphill task, especially if he does not believe he needs to become better.

So, how do you coach a champion or a prospective champion. What do you say to a champion to become better? He is already so good that he is a champion.

The coach plays the role of a mirror. A mirror reflects all the different visible aspects of a person. When you look at yourself in the mirror, the mirror does not judge you, it just shows you different parts of yourself. You look at your reflection and decide on what to set right and what to leave as it is.

Coaching games or situations require the coach to be respectful. Click on the image below to understand the meaning of respect.

Coaching Basics

In the case of coaching, the coach observes the coachee in action and post the performance, describes what he saw. The coach describes those aspects which were very good and asks the coachee to reflect on what he thought of his own performance.

This form or process is standardly done in coaching. As the coach will not tell you what you should improve, the coachee becomes more observant and reflective of his own performance and begins to identify aspects that he needs to improve.

Here's a coaching game to understand this.

Coaching Game: The Card Game: Place a deck of cards in front of the participants. These cards are specially made for the occasion.

On one side are pictures of a performance - say of a game, an artistic performance, an academic performance etc. On the other side is a descriptor of something that was done well (take cues from the picture) in that performance.

Coaching game - Process:Get the group to get into pairs. They have to exchange each others cards. This game is played in turn. The first participant - A - uses his partner's - B's - card to appreciate him in that particular performance.

In response, the B verbally relates the appreciation to something in his worklife that he has done well. Next, he reflects on something that he could have done better.

For example if the card said 'excellent speech', A will say something like, 'Hey that was an excellent speech today, you had them spellbound!' B will respond with recalling and relating something that s/he actually did (not necessarily a speech) during the week which was noteworthy.

Then B will also reflect on something that s/he can improve on in that particular performance the next time.

The role is then reversed. The second partner plays the role of a coach and the first one plays the coachee. Of course, the coach uses the card of the first partner.

Play this game and let me know how you get on using the 'contact us' page.

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