Array Energizer - An Energizer That Can Be Played Live Without Any Material, But With Only People 

Array Energizer : Two - times Table. This is an energizer or a training game or a corporate training game. It is not only intellectually stimulating, it gets people up and about. This will make them create a mental picture and then transfer that into a physical picture with each other.

Some people with leadership qualities will take the lead and help with the process.

Array Energizer

In this training game, the array energizer

  1. Get the participants to stand.

  2. The task for the group is to stand in an array - of the two-times Table. They should get into this array without speaking.

It will be quite a task for them to manage this without talking. The training game becomes quite energetic and exciting as the group attempts to succeed without talking.

This corporate training game can also be used as a problem-solving game or a way of teaching little children the two-times table. Of course, if you are using it for the last, you'll have to let the children talk while they play this learning game. 

You can also vary this training game by using arrays that are similar to the three times or the five times tables. This is also a very effective Math learning game that can be used quite effectively with children to learn the times-tables.

If this training game is used as a Math learning game, you can use easily available material like seeds, pebbles, twigs to represent the arrays of the different times tables. Using materials will help children learn patterns that the times-tables make.

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