A game to teach creative thinking

by Angelina
(Delhi, India)

Question:Can you suggest a game to teach creative thinking?

Answer:Here's my favorite - it is called 'combining'. It is a game created by Edward de Bono. I have used it a number of times to create a number of games to play during trainings.

The aim of this game is combine two different things to deliver a new value.

The effectiveness of the combination is assessed by whether it can offer value as a business and make profits. That is the measure of effectiveness. An idea that seems interesting but would not form the basis of a business does not qualify as a valid answer in this exercise.

1. Obtain two Random Words
2. Seek to combine the two random words to create a new business. Seek to combine the word as directly as possible rather than just take some aspects from the words.
3. Show how the new business would work and why it might be expected to make a profit.
Note:The emphasis is on the direct combination of the two items rather than just taking an idea from one of them and applying it to the other.

The Random Words are: DOCK and CABIN

Immediate Ideas:
... special parks where travelling cabins (motor homes) can dock very easily and comfortably.

Further Ideas:
... creation of special docks for the home ('cabin'). These would be places where you could put various things like cameras, computers, briefcases, etc. Sale of these specially designed 'docks'


1. Instead of forming a profit-making business by combining the words, you can set up something that provides benefit to people or the environment, even if this does not make as a business.

2. Obtain a third word and see if this could be added to the existing combination - or might change the combination.

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