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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Written Communication
February 09, 2009

Written Communication - A game to emphasise written communication

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Written Communication - A game to emphasise written communication

Written communcation is an important part of communication. However, sometimes organisations, attempt to pass on information verbally, when they should ensure that this information is passed on in written form. As a result, the organisation increases the scope of misinterpretation and lack of performance.

Generally, written communication follows the pattern given below.

  1. What is the information?
  2. Who is sending it?
  3. Who are the recipients?
  4. What are the action steps - tasks and deadlines?
  5. Any documents or readings or references?

Written Communication Game: A game to understand the significance of written communication.

Stand in a circle. Begin anywhere. Give the person a phrase like "In yesterday's meeting ..." S/he has to begin with that phrase and add something of his/her own. The next person adds something else.Like this it goes on.

At the end, after the last person has added his/her own piece, ask the last person what the first person began with? It is likely that most people will not remember it. It is even more likely that the group will not remember what the second or third person added.

Debrief: Information which is filled with facts is easily forgotten unless it is written down and written down in an organised manner.

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