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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Psychological Strengths
December 15, 2008

Psychological Strengths - A Game To Explore Psychological Strengths

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Psychological Strengths - A Game To Explore Psychological Strengths

As Psychological strength is critical for successful living, it would be helpful to observe it from as many angles and perspectives as possible. Interestingly, one of the best ways to observe inner strength is to study the behaviors and actions of ruthless people!

If you examine the lives of some of the most notorious brutes, criminals, and scoundrels in history, you will notice how they demonstrate an innate capacity to exercise psychological strength. Though that power is more than offset by their despicable aims, we can learn to discriminate between their strength, and their false and evil intent.

For example, take any villain in a film or a novel or in history, and watch how they exercise their strength. Notice their fortitude, their perseverance, their toughness, their willingness to act at all costs to pursue their aspirations and goals.

Notice how their will, drive, determination, and persistence enable them to overcome many of the obstacles that come their way.

Even as we reject their ruthlessness, their brutality, their mercenary ways, their heinous aspirations and motives, we can still learn from their demonstration of will, power, and fortitude, as they try to navigate through the intricacies of life.

Another way to observe strength in action is to examine individuals who have made the transition from weakness. One way to do this is to observe people in the public eye. I am sure we have all watched a famous movie or pop star fall on difficult times, only to summon the strength that gets them back to the top.

Likewise, some of us have seen how sports figures summon the strength to return from serious injury, or demotion, or from drug and alcohol abuse. Finally, we may have observed public leaders overcome a particular weakness, enabling them to prevail over challenging circumstances.

In addition to observing people around us -- such as friends, associates, or individuals in the public spotlight -- we can also observe famous people in history, or interesting characters in literature who have either demonstrated their inherent capacity for strength, or have had to make a difficult, even wrenching transition from out of weakness to exercise it.

An activity to practice psychological strengths

Pick your strength

All participants as they come in to the class are given a 3x5 slip of paper. They are expected to write one strength that they have, fold the paper and put in a bowl that you have provided. It should be anonymous.

Once every one has put in their slip of paper in the bowl. The folded notes are tossed well in the bowl. Then the participants are asked to pick one of the slips from the bowl. (If they pick up their own, they have to put it back and pick up another slip.)

The task for the participants is to enact this strength (that is written on the paper) for the rest of the group to guess. They can use people, props etc for enacting this strength. What they cannot do is to repeat what is written in the slip of paper.

This game enables participants to explore as their own strengths that otherwise they would only have the privilege to observe.

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