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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Opportunity Game
January 12, 2009

Opportunity Game - A Game To Recognize Opportunities For Growth

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Opportunity Game - A Game To Recognize Opportunities For Growth

Growth is essential for effectiveness and effeciency in life. However, while most of us want to grow, either we do not know how to do it, or we make excuses that we hardly get an opportunity. Well, the game below takes away all excuses for not growing.

It provides people who want to grow, a list of opportunities to grow and how to do it.


Get the group to sit in a circle. Each member is given a slip to write on. They are expected to write a characteristic that they want to develop.

After they done this, start from any point and ask the person to read out his/her slip. Having heard this the group is expected to suggest them an opportunity that they have to develop the characteristic.

As soon as one opportunity is presented the game passes to the next person in the circle. Give everybody an opportunity to make a suggestion

For example, if A read out that he desires to grow to be a loving person, an opportunity that the group can suggest is for him to plan projects that he can do with his family.

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Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to the last issue. I hope you like this issue as much as I liked writing it.
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