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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 9
October 06, 2009

Experiential Learning 9 - Title Game

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Experiential Learning 9 - Title Game

Here is a game to be used in between sessions. The game is meant to be played in groups of five - six. It will help to refresh minds and bring them to the next session with renewed energy

The game is called the 'Title Game' or 'Pick a funky title game' The game is played as follows:

Title game: Each group is given a copy of a small article. If there are many groups, each group is given a different article. You'll have to ensure though that the article does not have a title. So if the first few lines are likely to contain the title, edit them before giving them to the participants.

The Task for the group: The task for the group is to pick a really funky title for the article. They have only five mnutes for this activity. At the end of five minutes they have to write the title on the flip-chart board allotted to their group.

Afterwards each member from all the groups will have to vote for the funkiest title by giving it a rank from 5 to 1 - the highest rank being five. The ranking exercise should not take more than a couple of minutes.
The ranks given to each title are added up and the title getting the highest score is declared the winner and the group to which it belongs is applauded. Of course, members will rank the title for funkiness as well as meaningfulness in terms of how well it represents the article.

A couple of examples for untitled articles are given below. You'll find many such short compact articles on e-zine websites.

  1. Article 1: You already know that abundance and prosperity are things that most people aspire to have in their life, but do you know how to unlock this way of living for yourself?
    Here are some tips and hints to help you out:
    1. Having an abundance awareness means that you are conscious of the fact that we live in a world that is filled with almost everything that we could ever want. You have to believe that there is love, money, and opportunity out there for you and that you do not have to adopt a cut-throat attitude to get what you yearn for.
    2. You have to be able to express gratitude. Without being able to express your gratitude for all of the things that you DO have, you cannot expect to gain more. And you really cannot truly claim to have an attitude of abundance. Being able to acknowledge that you are blessed in many ways is the beginning of the shift into an abundant mindset.
    3. Treat others with the frame of mind that you do not NEED anything in return. Most people in business would be a lot more successful if they adopted this attitude. Just take a look at Google. They provide a ton of free and useful resources and as a result are the dominant search engine. And that leads to more profits as they get more money in ads than any other search engine.

    Having an abundant attitude and an awareness that you can have and be anything that you want is the first step to really unlocking a life that is filled with joy, prosperity, and happiness.

  2. Article 2: Being, Giving, Loving, Experiencing, Growing
    Each of these words do have profound meanings which I go into on the page but right now I'm going to give you a short meaning to each of them so, if you are just reading this article you will still have the ability to create your own abundance attitude.
    Being, is simply just letting yourself go and accepting everything around you and especially in your mind. Focusing on one thing the moment.
    Giving, by giving you are saying that there are more important things than your own emotions and that goes miles. If you give you immediately feel a sense of satisfaction that is giving.
    Loving, is there somebody in your life that you love? That you truly and deeply love? Sow them every single day show them every time they look in your eyes, have those beautiful thoughts and allow yourself to love another. In loving another you love yourself.
    Experiencing, this is hand in hand with learning, the more you learn the more you'll experience. This will allow you to develop as a person and live!
    Growing, if you seriously take solid steps in these directions then there is no place for you to go but out. You will grow and you will see the world in different ways, those thoughts you thought you'd never have as a just might.
    An abundance attitude is not a possession; it is not something you can own. It is something you live with. A perspective that you choose to see through, therefore, another product will not get you an abundance attitude, nor will another person simply you and your own thoughts and experience could humble you to the point of living through an abundance attitude.

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Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to the last issue. I hope you like this issue as much as I liked writing it.
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