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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning3
August 04, 2009

Experiential Learning3 - An Icebreaker Game

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Experiential Learning3 - An Icebreaker Game

You can use this game as an icebreaker for a session on Decision Making

Name of the game: What do I do?

Divide the groups into pairs. One of the pair is given a slip explaining the action she or he has to do without revealing to his/her partner, that which is written in the slip. One can only use non-verbals to communicate the matter written on the slip.

The other has to guess the action and support the partner. The second person has to understand the non-verbal action of the partner and decide on the action that will support the partner. Some examples for what to write on slips:

  • Water the outdoor plants
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Make a call on your cell-phone
  • Bathe your pet
  • Bathe your baby
  • Feed the chicken
etc. The supporting actions that are acceptable could either be to do more of the same action or do something that will support the original action.

For instance if the person is able to guess that his/her partner is eating breakfast of jam spread on a slice of bread, the partner can help by spreading jam on a bread slice and handing it to the person eating breakfast.

The fun part is when you ask the partner to report the action which was being enacted and how it was being supported. Most of the time there is a total mismatch.

Lesson: Every action is the outcome of a decision we make whether it matches the information we gather from the environment or not. When it does not match we end up making wrong decisions. It is said that we make about 20000 to 100000 decisions in a day.

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