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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 12
December 08, 2011

Experiential Learning 12 - A game to understand Total Quality Management

Here's a game to understand Total Quality Management. A variant of this game is on page: The game is called 'Raw Egg Catcher. The game in this newsletter is called 'raw egg holder'

The Raw Egg Holder

Material Resources: Sheets of paper, coke straws, tape.

When should this Total Quality Management game be played? The game can be played to introduce the concept on Total Quality Management.

Objective of the Total Quality Management game: That participants understand the concept and its components: Collaborative Vision, Team, Standards, Quality Outcomes

1. Form participants into groups of five to six. The maximum number of members that a group is eight.

2. Describe the task. Each group is expected to construct a raw-egg holder, which should protect the egg even when it is dropped to the floor from a height.

3. Each group is provided a sheaf of ten sheets of paper, a bunch of coke straws (not more than 20) and a small roll of adhesive tape.

4. The task should be executed once the team has drafted a plan/design, noted the process of planning/designing.

5. The time for the task is 20 minutes

6. Each group should then drop the egg holder (with the raw egg in it) from a height as proof of concept. If the egg is intact/ without a crack - it indicates success. If the egg has broken or even if it has a crack in it - the outcome is a failure of the design and the process.

7. The debrief should aim to arrive at the components of the Total Quality Management concept. The debrief should direct groups to self-reflection on the process followed, which facilitated success or which resulted in failure.

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