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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 11
November 30, 2011

Experiential Learning 11 - A game to improve your self-esteem

Here's a self-esteem game. Those who are frequent visitors to my website, probably already know this game. I have recorded it here for those who do not know it.

The Self-esteem game - A Grade!

Material Needed: A 3x5 Card, a pen, scotch tape.

When should this self-esteem game be played? The game can be played on different occasions. It should however be played at the beginning of preparing for an occasion. For instance it should be played at the beginning of a term, or at the beginning of preparing for an event, a tournament, a performance etc.

Objective of the self-esteem game: That every child gives herself an 'A' grade.

1. Tell children/students/participants to imagine themselves in the future when they are receiving their grades for their performance in an exam. Tell them to give themselves an 'A' grade in it.

2. On the same card, (still operating in the future) below the grade tell them to write all those things that they have done well because of which they have got an 'A' grade. This is the step where they will list out their strong points, which contributed to their success.

3. The next section in the card is a list of resources (people and material) which helped them score an 'A'.

[The comments in both sections should be in a positive vein. They should indicate actions that the children have taken (not at the cost of others) which has helped them achieve their goal. So a comment like 'I will stealthily 'borrow' Jane's assignment and copy her work' is unacceptable. Comments like 'I will study with Jane and prepare notes for all the areas that I cannot manage do on my own' are acceptable.]

4. After they have finished, ask for some volunteers to share what they have written.

5. Provide them scotch tape to stick this card on their desks or lockers where they have the opportunity to see and read it everyday.

6. Ask them two questions which will allow them to reflect on the activity. The questions being: 'How do you feel?' and 'What are they learning?'

You will hear comments like: 'I don't know.', 'I feel capable.', 'I am thrilled that I got an 'A' even if it was an imaginary situation.' 'I find there are quite a few things that I can actually do to get an 'A'.' and 'Hey my memory is so good, now all I need to do is make sure that I do not forget to revise the day's lesson.'

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