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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning1
July 21, 2009

Experiential Learning1 - An Icebreaker Game

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Experiential Learning1 - An Icebreaker Game

You can use this game as an icebreaker for a session on Situational awareness

Name of the game: What's the Word?

Pick up a word like 'Teacher' or 'Leader' or 'Student' or 'Trend' or 'Strategy' etc.

Find the number of each letter of the word in the alphabet. For instance the letter T has the number 20. The letter E has the number 5 etc.

Give one number to a group of five people. So if you have picked the word teacher, one group will get the number 20, another group will get 5, the third group will get 1, the fourth group will get 3, the fifth group will get 8, the sixth group will get 5 and the seventh group will get 18.

Ask them what the word is. Some groups will not know what to do. Some will figure out the letter, but they will start to make words beginning with the letter that they have discovered. Anyway, after a couple of minutes, ask them to report to you the letter.

As they do so record it on a chart. It will slowly dawn on them that the clue for the word was not just with them, but with the others in the room as well.

Lesson: Situational Awareness is to be aware of the problem, the people involved in the problem, and the resources in the environment, to get the complete picture

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