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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Core Values
April 01, 2009

Core Values - A Game to Demonstrate Core Values

A story for leadership that you can check out.

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Core Values - A Game to Demonstrate Core Values

Core Values - Walking Exhibits

Use this game to help participants to understand the operation of core values in real life. This game is played in small groups of five to eight members.

Assign each group a core value each.

Examples of Core values: love, trust, integrity, equity, justice, service etc.

The task for the groups is to exhibit the core value assigned to them, without resorting to naming them.

They are also given resources like magazines, scissors, glue, pins and tape. They are not given any medium like chart paper on which to make the collage. instead they will use the human body to exhibit their collage.

The group is expected to look for pictures and words (they cannot spell the core value) that will show the core value in action or compromised. These images, words, phrases and sentences have to be cut out and pasted/taped/pinned on a human model (a volunteer from the group)

Once the group is ready with their walking exhibit, the rest of the groups will have to guess the core value that is being exhibited.

Once the core value has been guessed correctly, the group presenting the value will have to present the reasons why they believe their exhibit represents the core value assigned to them.

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