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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Benefits of Leadership
September 29, 2008

Benefits Of Leadership

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Benefits of Leadership

Benefits Of Having Leadership Skills: Works Best And Beats Stress

All eneterprises - business or non-profit, large or small, will greatly benefit from having people with good leadership skills among the ranks. Managers and leaders are different in a number of ways. And between these two sets of personality traits, people are drawn to those who have good leadership skills rather than the ones who have excellent managing skills.

People who have leadership skills are the ones who keep the organization working like a well-oiled machine, in perfect harmony. Having leadership skills enables you to deal with situations like absenteeism, customer attrition, and even problems at home. Some of the benefits of having leadership skills are enumerated below. These are most commonly observed in work environments and can turn any organization into a powerhouse.

Highly Motivated And Devoted Followers

People who have leadership skills enjoy the full support of their staff or followers. Good leaders believe in the empowerment of the people under them. Leaders believe in the capabilities of their followers; hence, the instinctive desire of people to feel needed or important is being addressed, which in turn leads to high morale and dedicated service.

Ethical And Highly Professional Work Environment

While leaders can be described as having a more democratic approach in running an organization, followers of someone with good leadership skills surprisingly tend to stick to the rules and maintain a professional atmosphere in their workplace. Leaders always lead by example; and as such they are the figures that are being emulated in the organization.

Minimized Costs Of Doing Business

A team that is under someone who has good leadership skills nurtures a concept where everybody is an important part of the collective. This basic principle enables everyone to focus on priorities. Coupled with the high morale and dedication that is natural among organizations being run by good leaders, a team or a group of followers is able to perform better with less waste and other costs.

Creative Human Resources

Good leadership skills foster satisfaction among the ranks. If all members of the organization are happy with their jobs, conflicts and work related problems are minimized if not totally eliminated. With this scenario, creativity is sparked and innovation is sure to follow. Competition and other external factors are held at bay.

Stress Free Work Place

People with good leadership skills are able to breeze through their jobs without hassles or any other struggles. A stress free environment is the cradle of peak performance and quality discharge of duties and responsibilities on the part of the leader and the followers.

Benefits of Leadership: Game to dmonstrate this concept.

Divide the group (a group of around 20) into three small groups. Give each group a bunch of around 50 straws (the kind that you use to drink) and a packet of pins (ball pins). The task is for them to build a strong, stable and tall structure within 15 minutes.

Tell one group that they do not have a leader and yet they are expected to complete the task as per rules

Tell the second group that they have to choose a leader whose directions they will follow.

Tell the third group to choose a leader too, but whose task is to facilitate the building of the straw structure.

After 15 minutes the group stops the task.

A debrief is carried out to understand each group's experience on the following criteria:

  • Effecient completion of task
  • Comfort level in the group process with respect to leadership behaviour
  • Comfort level in the group process with respect to team functioning

The conclusions of the debrief will point to the success of facilitative leaderhisp group. This might sound presumptious of me, but try using the game and see if you come up with the same conclusions.

Hope you find this game useful.

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