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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue --Another Icebreaker
March 24, 2009

Another Icebreaker - A Game To Get To Know People

A story for leadership that you can check out.

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Another Icebreaker - A Game To Get To Know People

Another Icebreaker

Use this game in the beginning of a training. Ask them to write out their favorite thing (food or color or film or book or dress or place etc.) on a piece of paper (which you will provide), fold it and put it ina a bowl/shoe box. They should not sign on the paper.

At the start of the session circulate the shoe box among the participants, and ask them to pick up a slip each. The task for them is to find the person who has written on that slip of paper.

Once they have found the person, they are expected to get to know the person better.

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