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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 22
March 24, 2017

Experiential Learning 23, Create Interest in Class

This newsletter is the third in a row of five. Remember, the last one was about the second factor of how to motivate learning in a classroom with level of concern.

This one is on the third factor - Interest.

Interest is defined as the ability to relate with emotion to a topic. Interest is generated either due to relevance or personalization.

In the preparatory phase, I formed them into groups of three and assigned each group a celebrity and told them to write a piece of poetry on that celebrity as a group. They had five minutes to give it a go. Writing poetry was the task, whereas the celebrity topic was the relevance factor.

The room was immediately abuzz with conversation and I could hear some exciting verses flying around. There were no groans at having to write poetry, which is generally the case, as it is more difficult than writing prose or story.

The presentations after the activity were at the same time hilarious, exciting and fun filled. (Assessment criteria like rhyme and memorability could be used when replicating in class)

In my debrief, I drew their attention to their readiness to write something difficult without hesitation - all because the topic was of Interest to them. The same would be true of students in a class. Interest and relevance creates for enthusiasm and difficulty does not seem such a hurdle.

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Watch out for the next edition of 'Stories, Games and Articles for EL' for an explanation on how the next factor - Success - was demonstrated. Go to ELT page or Communication Games and check out some games and activities to teach grammar and/or communication.
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