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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 20
November 24, 2016

Experiential Learning 20, Write a poem or a story or anything you want. Just prepare

In the training sessions that I generally conduct for English Language teachers, one of the complaints is that students don't write, leave alone write creatively.

Students require scaffolding activities that will help creative juices to flow.

Here are a couple:

1. Write a poem! As a scaffolding exercise, give students a trigger word and ask them to develop a list of rhyming words in the first round. Alternatively, ask them to develop a list of adverbs.

In the second round, have them use the words in the list to write a poem. Believe me it will be quite a treat. The output will make you proud

2. Write a story! In the scaffolding exercise, give the students a list of about 10 phrasal verbs. In the first round, they have to write the meaning and a sample sentence for each phrasal verb.

In the next round, have them use the phrasal verbs to write a story. Again the output will make you proud.

The teachers take these basic activities and generate more options. Hope you will find them useful too. Go to ELT page and check out some games and activities to teach grammar.

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