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Stories, Games and Articles for EL, Issue -- Experiential Learning 19
October 20, 2016

Experiential Learning 19, Learn to Introduce Yourself and Speak to as Many People as Possible

I was training about three scores of English language teachers in the 'school capital of India' - the city of Dehradun, last week.

The venue was the prestigious 'Doon School', the Alma Mater of Prime Ministers, industry stalwarts and such of India. Quite momentous for me. This was the second time that I was delivering a training at this venue.

A large group of teachers from the city were expected and I needed a quick method to break ice. I had used 'Find a person' method before, but the success rate was not very high. Teachers tried to fill the questionnaire with the help of participants who were sitting close by and didn't venture out much.

I had heard that the Bingo version of the game worked better. So I decided to turn something that I found on the WWW with a little adaptation of my own into a Bingo format.

Here's an image of the Bingo sheet.

They were expected to meet as many people as possible and fill the sheet with the names of participants who fit the bill.

The moment whoever filled a horizontal / vertical / diagonal line / full house, she/he had to call out 'Bingo' and they would be given chocolate bars as prizes.

As soon as the game started most of them had left their seats to talk to their fellow participants and bag a chance to call out Bingo and win chocolate bars.

The enthusiasm increased when I realised that it might be a good idea to increase the chances of calling out 'Bingo' to the rows and columns as well.

The Bingo version of the game IS more successful. They didn't want to stop.

The debrief brought up ideas that it can be used effectively in the classroom to get children to be friendlier with each other, practice questioning skills, framing questions, speaking fluently etc.

You are welcome to use the above handout once you have acknowledged it appropriately. Hope you are successful with it. Go to ELT page and check out some games and activities to teach grammar.

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